Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Top Forex Cash Back Deal For An ECN Broker

By Tom Rogers

I have been trading fx for a few years now and as my currency trading volumes have gone up so to have my trading charges in the form of commissions. Someone said on the web that it's possible to earn forex broker rebates from your trading commissions so I asked my broker if I was entitled to this, they said no. I noticed a really great offer on the internet so I wanted to share my experience with you.

After I found out that forex cash back programs existed I asked my broker if I was eligible for a commission discount or kickback for my trades, thankfully for me they said no. I've since left this broker and will by no means look back! At this stage I began exploring the web for the best forex rebate programs.

At this moment I had to look for a forex rebate program together with a new brokerage. The vast majority of forex cash back sites have brokerage assessments as a result it wasn't very much work, having said that I saw many of the brokers wouldn't go well with my trading approach and had huge spreads. Many of the forex cash back sites had ECN/STP brokerages however the deals weren't as good as I'd like and the brokers weren't regulated.

By pure luck I managed to discover a few great ECN brokers on the forex rebate websites, one of which was IC Markets. I signed up for a trial with IC Markets to try out their spreads, trading commissions and range of products. They had the tightest spreads by a long shot and their commissions were affordable so I started searching the net for the right forex rebate program for IC Markets.

Seeing that I'd found the very best ECN brokerage I had to find the best forex cash back program. I discovered a forex cash back site working specifically with IC Markets. As they just work with IC Markets, they had a some additional benefits such as cash back paid out right away together with commission discounts. I opted for the commission discount as I'm a high volume trader trying to reduce my trading fees. My trading commissions have actually been lessened by close to 50% on account of working with them.

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