Monday, May 20, 2013


By Sienna Nalin

Many people are fascinated with gold and want to know how much it is currently worth. Knowing this will dictate whether or not you will invest in it to start making a profit off of it later on down the line. (Image by Bank of England via Flickr)

As of right now gold prices are down a little, but if you knew that price that still would not matter much to you. This is only temporary and they will be picking back up soon. Once the Federal Reserve starts doing their part and manipulating things the way that they need to be, the prices will increase again for gold and actually go up higher.

Currently, unless people are getting physical gold, what is happening is when these contracts are expiring they are then forced to see the gold futures at a price lower than what it normally would be. This is common and nothing to worry about. This is how gold prices are driven up.

What is unusual is that the April contract, where there is no pressure from expiration, went into backwardation Friday. This means that you can make a profit by selling spot gold today and buying a contract to receive delivery of gold in April.

As far as gold goes, things are definitely going to go good in the future. Just because the current state of how things are going, the prices will change quickly and go up. Once everything starts to go up, the prices in gold will rise high.

The current price of gold reported in New York was close to $1600. This may be a low for gold but the price is still good enough to invest in after knowing all this information.

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So from what you have learned you have nothing to fear when it comes to investing in gold, you are sure to make a profit because the prices are great and will go up.

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