Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Silver Investors

By Sienna Nalin

So after all this information that you have gotten, you have become enticed by silver and want to buy silver because you have learned about the state of the economy, the price and the history. Now it is time to learn about the main buyers of silver that are trying to buy it all up so you cannot get your hands on it. (Image by zizzybaloobah via Flickr)

Watch out for the central banks because they are the ones buying all the silver. They are doing this because they want people to focus mainly on money. How can you focus on just money when it is not worth what it used to be? With the way that money is going of course you are going to look for something that is going to have a huge payout.

Over the past 12 months, net purchases of silver by the central banks averaged 20% of the annual supply, according to a report. Yet, silver buying by central banks is still weak in comparison to gold buying. That is because silver is cheaper and gold is a better store of value.

There is going to be a huge competition for silver because of the industrial use for it and the fact that central banks are going to keep on buying silver more and more instead of selling it.

The top place that mines silver is Peru. It has so much that investors in the United States are buying parts of shares for this silver.

Chinese investors prefer hard assets such as silver, especially when it's cheaper than gold. Therefore less funding is required. Despite the increased domestic supply the silver demand grows continuously. This is because the economy is expanding and the industry is reviving. Therefore all the emerging markets are in need of the versatile and yet precious metal. Silver is store of value and functional commodity at the same time. That is why it is essential for the emerging countries' reserves.

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As you see precious metals is something that everyone wants because everyone is recognizing that it is worth more than money. Knowing this makes you want to buy into metals because the value of money just keeps decreasing and we are seeing ourselves buy much more for things than we were before.

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