Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Day Traders Actually Do

By Pamela Rivera

A lot of people think that when people go into day trading, then they will get a lot of money easily. To a certain extent this is true, however, it is not something that is learned overnight. So for the people who are interested in becoming day traders, take a look at these tips.

Of course learning this skill is not easy at all because it will take a lot of training due to its very high risk. Probably the most important thing to learn would be the movement of the stock markets and how to use indexes when it comes to looking at how the market performs. He will be using these indexes and graphs to determine whether he must buy stocks, sell them, or even keep them there for a while.

If one has already learned the basic skills, then he must prepare some working capital so he can start playing. The thumb rule in any kind of investing would be to invest only the money that is available after all living expenses are paid. In other words, only extra money that can be lost should be used.

When he is monitoring the performance of his stocks, he will be needing a laptop with a very high speed internet connection. He will be needing this because he will actually be on his computer the whole time that he is playing. Also, he must have the proper programs and software that will allow him to meticulously monitor the market.

A very important rule that one must never forget when he starts trading would be to never hold on to a stock. When the market closes, he should not have any stocks with him. The reason for this is simply because traders should constantly be trading because all of the stocks in that field can change easily.

Day traders must always keep their eyes on the market because this will be the main basis of all of their decisions. Aside from monitoring the market, they should also monitor their own transactions because this will be how they will know if they are earning or losing. Knowing how to record all of the transactions and the movements of the market will be very helpful when playing.

Now this may seem like something that is common sense, but another rule would be to never spend the profit. Once profit was made from playing, the trader must save it and use it for the next investment that he will have. Although he can take a little bit of the profit so that he may pay off some bills, he should keep majority of the money in his account so he can roll it.

So if one would want to be a part of the group of successful day traders, then he should follow these rules and concepts. He should also put into his mind that this type of trading is not a get rich scheme. It is serious business that takes a lot of points to consider.

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